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Thank you for another ELECTRIC year!

Texas Christmas lights

Light Show South of the North Pole!

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North pole? Nah. We have the best, most exciting drive through light show right here at The Light Park. Eat, drink, and watch as we electrify the night with millions of Christmas lights and festive music.

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1 Vehicle = 1 Ticket

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Pet Friendly

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Millions of Lights

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DJ Christmas Music

Food and Drinks

Food and Drink Available

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Open 7 Days a Week

View our Calendar


Feel special by upgrading your ticket with a DASHER PASS for a limited wait. Santa's elves will make sure to speed your sleigh along!


  • Tickets are per vehicle.

  • Come anytime on your ticketed date.

  • Good for one trip through The Light Park.

  • Includes two pairs of Magic Glasses.

  • Dasher Passes available for Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays.

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    A neon sign saying "Attendance Meter".

    Disclaimer: Attendance calendar is based on previous years. Attendance may vary.


    Visit one (or all) of our five locations across Texas! Each location has their own special twist!

    The Light Park Locations
    A neon sign saying "Locations".

    Skip the lines with a DASHER PASS!

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    A neon sign saying "Guests Love the Light Park".

    “Highly recommended for the whole family, even as a date. It’s a fun and amazing time. Trust me your gonna want to slide your phone to video mode. Check it out, you won’t regret it!”

    - Erick B.

    “I wanted to go somewhere that was 1) close to home 2) not long wait lines 3) good lights for the money/price. That’s exactly what I got! ✅ ✅ ✅ this place checked all my boxes!”

    - Davina A.

    “It was awesome—my son loved it and the fact that the music was upbeat was great. We went right after it had rained so the reflection of the lights on the floor was a little touch of magic for us.”

    - Lulu G.


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    Cars driving through the Light Park by gingerbread men and angels made of Christmas lights.

    Stay in the know for all sale updates & season details!

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