Don't Miss The Magic!

The Light Park invites you to join us for an electric holiday light show, featuring millions of lights synchronized to a festive mix of Christmas music. 
Open 7 days a week from November 3rd through January 2nd, you won’t want to miss the Christmas spirit this show will bring to the entire family.
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Four Texas Locations

Find the park nearest to you, or visit all 4 parks across the state of Texas—each show has its own unique set of scenes!
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Start the Fun Before the Show's Begun!

Avoid the long lines and reserve your time slot ahead of time!

But while you’re here waiting for your showtime, tune in and listen The North Pole's #1 Hit Radio Station! Listen in as DJ Polar Ice brings his North Pole humor ALL THE WAY down here to Texas for an onsite hilariously witty exchange.
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“I wanted to go somewhere that was 1) close to home 2) not long wait lines 3) good lights for the money/price. That’s exactly what I got! ✅ ✅ ✅ this place checked all my boxes!”
- Davina A.
“Christmas Spirit definitely lives here! We only waited about half an hour, pretty speedy compared to other places! It was so cute and DJ Snowflake had us lit lol! Highly recommend this place. 🎄”
- Crystal M.
“Highly recommended for the whole family, even as a date. It’s a fun and amazing time. Trust me your gonna want to slide your phone to video mode. Check it out, you won’t regret it!”
- Erick B.
“It was awesome—my son loved it and the fact that the music was upbeat was great. We went right after it had rained so the reflection of the lights on the floor was a little touch of magic for us.”
- Lulu G.

Brighten Your Holiday!

We’ve got answers! Look before you book, and check out our extensive list of FAQs.

Pro tip: For shorter wait times, go during the week!
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